About me

My name is Saša Janićijević. I 'm dealing with programming and web designing. I'm very creative and responsible person. I have a true sense of design and very good logic which is acceptable for different kinds of users. Before programming I have been doing various jobs, from organizing and runing a business in catering to solving very complex hardware and software problems in the world of computers. It helped me to create work habits, and get to know different layers of society. It helped me to design designs for different target groups. I 'm trying to maintain a high level of responsibility through constant improvement and gaining skills. I respect another opinion, and according to this, I'm a good listener to my interlocutor. I accept criticism because they are also part of my progress. Except of programming , I like to cook, and i'm interesting in mountaineering too.

Developed projects

Development and design the website for Ski centre Brezovica





-Development (HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery)

December 2018. | Brezovica

Development and design the website for Gordon's Innovations





-Development (HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery)

January 2019. | Niš

Promotional materials for Gordons's Innovations


-Promotional materials front page

-Promotional materials back page

February 2019. | Niš

Design menus and logo for a motel "Karpa"



-Creating menus

-Promotional materials

January 2019. | Štrpce

Development the website of the “Patuljak”

-Development (HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery)

January 2019. | Belgrade

My Skills

Web development




School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, Belgrade

2014. - 2018. | Beograd

High School of Electrical Engineering “Jovan Cvijić“, Štrpce

2006. - 2010. | Štrpce


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+381 64 502 5884

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